• Alcohol Ink on Mini Album

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    Alcohol inks were used on the metal letters spelling “Houston Rocks” and on the guitar chipboard piece. A combination of different browns were used with some of the metallic gold. A layer of paint was applied to the guitar before the alcohol ink so it wouldn’t be absorbed into the chip board.

    The alcohol inks dry almost instantly making them perfect for a quick effect on a mini album. These alcohol inks added the perfect touch to the cover of the album!

  • Alcohol Ink on Canvas

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    Alcohol inks can be used on a variety of surfaces including canvas for a mixed media application. I started by coating the canvas in a thick layer of gel medium. I placed some torn pieces of scrapbook paper in the corner of each canvas in a neutral color using the gel medium as well. Once this dried I began layering different textures and shades of browns/metallics. I used bubble wrap for the larger circles, laser cut scrapbook paper to stencil the swirl shapes, and plastic wrap for another texture. I also used a mister to spritz more color onto the canvas. Once I had all my layers and textures just the way I wanted them I used alcohol ink along the edges and turned the canvas to allow it to run towards the center for an additional element to the canvas.

    I used the following to complete this project:
    Canvas x4
    Gel medium
    Large bubble wrap
    Plastic wrap
    Laser cut scrapbook paper
    Patterned scrapbook paper
    Brown, white, & metallic paint
    Alcohol Inks

    Below are some additional close up pictures


  • Alcohol Ink – Brights

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    If you haven’t tried any new colors of alcohol inks lately the brights are a must addition to your stash. There are 12 different colors in the brights alcohol ink collection. They also come in 4 brights kits which are called Dockside Picnic, Summit View, Valley Trail, and Scenic Terrance. These gorgeous bright alcohol inks really give a punch of color. One technique to use them for (or any of the alcohol inks) is to place 1-2 drops on glossy paper and take air in a can and watch as they spread. The splats that result give an amazing impact. Depending on how you angle the can the alcohol inks spread in different directions. Check out the picture below with the results!

  • Alcohol Ink and Tim Holtz

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    Alcohol ink can be used with a wide variety of products to get a variety of outcomes and designs. Tim Holtz who has his own line of products called idea-ology and also has teamed up with Ranger, Sizzix, Advantus, Tonic Studios, and Stampers Anonymous to design a unique line of products. These products work hand-in-hand with alcohol ink or on their own to bring a form of nostalgia to your project. Tim Holtz’s alcohol ink, embellishments, die cuts, and tools allow each artist to put their own unique twist on a project.

    Never be afraid to layer. Layers of alcohol ink, cardstock, distress inks, mists, and embellishments add character to the project. Some of the great products of Tim Holtz that we perfect for your alcohol inks include grunge board, findings, stamps, texture fades, and masks.

    For ideas on how to use alcohol ink check out Alcohol Ink Ideas. Another great resource that I find myself going to often is the book “A Compendium of Curiosities” by Tim Holtz. There you will find great ideas on how to use alcohol inks and the many other products that Tim Holtz has designed.

  • Alcohol Ink

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    Alcohol ink can be used in many different applications including scrapbooking and artwork. These translucent inks are designed to colorize non-porous surfaces. When using these ink on your scrapbook projects be sure to think outside the box. They can be applied over an entire acrylic background, over metal embellishments to customize their color, chipboard letters for a one of a kind color scheme, misted onto pages or other elements, added to a basic cartstock for a unique design, onto fragments that you later attach a picture behind, or to tags for vintage feel.

    Mediums to use Alcohol Ink on: metals, canvas, acrylic, fragments, glossy papers, shrink plastics, chip board, dominoes and glass. By adding alcohol ink to metal you can customize the hue of the metal to match almost any color scheme. When applying these inks to a porous surface you will first want to paint that surface with a glossy medium to be able to utilize the effects of the alcohol ink.

    There are several different tools to use with alcohol inks. You don’t need them all to get started but once you begin you will want them all.

    1. Alcohol Ink Applicator – used to apply alcohol inks and blending solutions to your projects.

    2. Felt – is used to apply to the alcohol ink applicator which the ink is applied to.

    3. Alcohol Blending Solution – is used for lightening colors and cleaning inks from non-porous surfaces.

    4. Alcohol Ink Refillable Pen – is filled with alcohol ink to make more precise designs.

    5. Non-Stick Craft Sheet – provides a heat resistant non-stick surface to work on.

    6. Heat tool – a heat craft tool, like ones used for embossing.

    7. Mini misters – can be filled with water or ink to create custom looks.

    A popular brand is Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink by Ranger Ink (48 current colors available). This alcohol ink is acid free, fade resistant, and comes in 0.5 fl oz bottles.


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