• Alcohol Ink Instructions

    Alcohol ink instructions are listed below.

    1. The first step is to choose the medium you plan to apply the alcohol ink to. If you plan to use a surface that is porous you will want to paint the surface with something glossy to utilize the full effects of the alcohol ink.

    2. Next you will want to select the colors of alcohol ink you plan to use and gather materials needed: Blending Solution, Alcohol Ink Applicator, and felt for the applicator. You will need at least two different colors.

    3. You will want to put down something to protect the surface you are working on from the alcohol ink. I would recommend some kind of non-stick craft sheet because you can use it for blending purposes of the alcohol ink later.

    4. Now you will prepare the alcohol ink applicator by attaching a piece of felt to the Velcro on the applicator.

    5. Then squeeze a few drips of each of the colors of alcohol ink you are planning to use onto the felt. You don’t need a lot of alcohol ink to get great effects.

    6. Once the alcohol ink is ready on the felt you will begin dabbing the tool over the medium you chose. Once satisfied with the look of the alcohol ink blotches you will squirt some blending solution on the felt near the center of the alcohol ink.

    7. Dab the applicator on your medium again and watch the alcohol ink move away from the blending solution. If you want to slow the alcohol ink from moving away from the blending solution gently blow on the area.

    8. Finally you will allow the area to completely dry.

    The above alcohol ink instructions will be a great start for you to jump in and start a project, don’t think too much about it and just have fun with it.